a girl, a goal and a blog

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I’m not new to the blogging scene; in fact this is not the first post I’ve made on I started this blog about a year ago in the hope of breaking unhealthy habits and really concentrating on my wellbeing. Whilst I did learn a great deal about nutrition and how to create meals and snacks that were substitutes for their not-so-healthy versions, I still hadn’t  made any major alterations to my life (after all, I was already what most would consider fairly healthy).

In September of this year, approximately three months ago, something inside of me clicked: I was following (and still do follow) a lot of wellness coaches, fitness models, female bodybuilders and health gurus on Instagram who provide a great deal of motivation and inspiration for me each and everyday. But I couldn’t help but envy their healthful ways, dedication and passion to living such incredibly wholesome lives. Imagine actually being the best version of yourself? I wanted to wake up every day and know that I was getting 110% out of my life; after all once it’s come and gone, it doesn’t come again.

Since then, my attitude towards nutrition and fitness has taken a complete 360 degree turn. These days I never miss a training session (which is 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day), I eat a diet high in protein and good fats, count my macros, get excited about my post-workout protein shake and spend a great deal of my time educating myself about nutrition, wellness, superfoods and the like: nourishing my body with a variety of wholesome ingredients and hitting my max at the gym are enough to make me happy on the daily.

But I still have much to learn, which is why I have come back to blogging, this time with new direction, motivation and a focused mind. I really want to be the best version of myself, but even if I never hit it, knowing that I am totally committed to achieving it is enough: the journey is almost as satisfying as the destination.